Dean’s Comic Book Pull List for July 22/15

23 Jul

Very strange week this week.  I may be whittling down the titles I normally get, but there’s only four on this week’s list, and three of them are from IDW!  What the….?  Oh well, what can I say?  I have a soft spot for Disney.  Here’s the list:

Mickey Mouse #2 (Legacy #311) – IDW

Mickey Mouse #2

“The Sound-Blot Plot” has the Phantom Blot menacing our hero Mickey.  It’s great to see the Mouse back on the comic shelves again!

Uncle Scrooge #4 (Legacy #408) – IDW

Uncle Scrooge #4

“The Grand Canyon Conquest” – Part 1 this month, part 2 next.  Some of the art in this book reminded me of my favourite Duck artist, Don Rosa!  Keep these books coming!

Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #721 – IDW

Walt Disney Comics & Stories #721

Missing from the comic racks for four years (!) but back with a vengeance!  The first of 12 (!!) parts of “The Search for the Zodiac Stone” brings Donald, Uncle Scrooge and other Ducks together with Mickey and Goofy, with the Phantom Blot thrown in for good measure!  IDW’s bringing their “A”-game to these titles, each one 40 pages for only $3.99!  Young and old can enjoy these books…it’s like a new DuckTales episode every month and then some!

Sonic Universe #78 – Archie

Sonic Universe #78

Part 9 (of 12) of the epic “Worlds Unite” crossover between all the Archie Action titles, this issue begins the third and final act of the crossover that has brought the universes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man together again.  I’ve read and collected the first eight parts, and this has been a ton of fun!  The characters are written consistently well (and since we’re talking the heroes of Sega and Capcom, there’s a boatload of players to keep track of) and the art is top-notch.  If you aren’t reading this now, they are two-thirds of the way in, so you may want to hold out for the trade at this point.  Or pick up the three trades covering the first crossover between Sonic and Mega – “Worlds Collide” – and work your way forward!

So apparently I went all-ages this week!  That’s okay ‘cuz these are great books!  If you’re gonna take a break from superhero comics (even if it was unplanned) I would recommend any of these to cleanse the palate, so to speak!

What did you read this week?


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