Dean’s Comic Book Pull List for July 29/15

30 Jul

Welcome back to my weekly pull list!  Let’s see what I walked away from the comic book store with (and paid for…we haven’t had any sponsorship talks yet!) on Wednesday, July 29:

Superman #42 – DC – $3.99

STK675962 Image

The news is out on all the comic websites, even in USA Today…so this isn’t a spoiler, but this is the issue that Lois confirms that Clark is Superman!  What I found more surprising is the lead-in to the reveal, where Clark engaged in a takeout of robot ninjas right in front of Lois!  Does that new ‘super flare’ power make him more mentally clumsy every time he uses it?  Sheesh!  Lois didn’t need to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist to figure this one out!

Star Wars #7 – Marvel – $3.99

STK677194 Image

It may be a fill-in issue while artist Stuart Immonen gets settled into the permanent role, but Simone Blanchi does a great job with the pencils.  Writer Jason Aaron gives us a special Obi-Won Kenobi story, and my only hope is that there’s more of ol’ Ben to come…

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #3 (of 5) – Titan – $3.99

STK669724 Image

I’m a big fan of the Doctor, with waaaay too much money tied up in the franchise (but who cares? I LOVE it!!!) and Titan’s been doing a fantastic job with these books!  And like the nerd I am, I go with the Subscription covers for all the Who books!  This one, part 3 of the 9th Doctor mini-series, takes place in the Christopher Eccleston-era, as the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack find themselves trapped in an alien bazaar!  Written by Cavan Scott, and drawn by Blair Shedd!

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #13 – Titan – $3.99

STK667267 Image

David Tennant’s turn at the Doctor is visually portrayed here, with Gabby, a created-for-the-comics Companion, along for the journey!  Another visually-outstanding book, plus we’re just two issues away from the end of ‘Year 1’!  Written by Nick Abadzis and drawn by Elena Casagrande!

Doctor Who:  The Twelfth Doctor #10 – Titan – $3.99

STK672656 Image

Heading into his second season in the TV series, Peter Capaldi is a Doctor I’m really enjoying, and the comic captures his personality wonderfully!  Plus, my favourite Companion, Clara, is a part of this series, so I’m a happy camper!  In this issue, the adventures continue in 1960’s Las Vegas, where the Doctor and Clara have to deal with the mob, and an alien invasion force!  Sweet Sin City strip action told by Robbie Morrison and illustrated by Brian Williamson!

Donald Duck #3 (Legacy #370) – IDW – $3.99 (for 40 pages!)

Donald Duck #3

I’m a sucker for Disney duck stories, whether they be from Carl Barks, Don Rosa, no matter who, I gobble them up!  The four new IDW Disney series have been well-done, the best part being they’re all $3.99 for 40 pages, plus they’re mixing up newer material along with some classic tales over half-a-century old!  In this issue, a mad scientist has his eye on Uncle Scrooge’s money bin, which means Donald has to save the day, in “The Siege of Nothing Atoll”!

I also had “Sonic Boom #10” reserved, but apparently Diamond saw fit to not send any copies to my local comic shop, so that will be put on hold to next week.  Also next week I will include comics I’ve read online, through Comixology, for example.  Cough. Cough.  Anyway, it’ll be a bigger pull list, real and virtual, so a lot of ground should be covered!

And what, pray tell, did you get this week?


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