4-Colour Forward: New Comics Coming Out Wed. Aug. 5/15

3 Aug

Good day, and welcome to this week’s “4-Colour Forward”!  It’s a look at the big books and other goodies coming out to your local comic shop Wednesday, August 5!  Last week’s blog had over 70 views, and I thank you all for taking a look! 🙂  So let’s get on to the new stuff!  By the way, if you’d like the complete list, click this link for the PREVIEWSworld web site!

Justice League: Gods and Monsters – Wonder Woman – DC – $3.99

STK680386 Image

There’s a Blu-ray version of DC’s “Justice League: Gods and Monsters” animated movie that comes with an adorable Wonder Woman action figure.  You can now use said action figure and re-enact scenes from this prequel to the movie!  Or maybe not.  Writers J. M. DeMatteis and Bruce Timm, along with artists Rick Leonardi and Dan Green, set things up before the actual series begins next week!

The Omega Men #3 – DC – $2.99

STK679281 Image

I’ve read all the different incarnations of “The Omega Men” over the years…I really enjoyed writer Roger Slifer and artist Keith Giffen’s run back in the ’80s (during which Lobo – the REAL one – was created) and the series was very edgy for its time.  The DC You version is settling up its pieces and writer Tom King and artists Barnaby Bagenda and Jose Marzan are creating something wonderful here; I just hope readers give it a chance!

Berkeley Breathed’s “Academic Waltz and Other Profound Transgressions” – IDW – $39.99

If you follow Berkeley Breathed on Facebook you’ll know he’s brought back his amazing strip “Bloom County”, at least on his FB page.  Whether it’s for good, one can only hope!  In the meantime, enjoy this collection of pre-“Bloom County” archives, artwork, strips, political cartoons and more, including the first pre-“B.C.” appearances of characters like Steve Dallas!

We Stand On Guard #2 – Image – $2.99

STK680293 Image

The first issue of this series was great, although a few Canadian-isms landed a bit flat.  Hopefully that was opening jitters and they’re out of writer Brian K. Vaughan’s system.  The art by Steve Skroce was top-notch.  Here’s what the press release has to say for this issue: “The futuristic conflict between the Canadian freedom fighters and their American occupiers takes a shocking turn!”

The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #3 – Marvel $3.99

STK676954 Image

Who can turn down a new Spidey book?  Oh look!  The black suit!  I’m in!  Writer Dan Slott and artist Adam Kubert continue the fun!

Civil War #2 – Marvel – $3.99

STK677263 Image

Whose side ARE you on?  Writer Charles Soule and artist Leinil Francis Yu bring us part 2 of the Secret Wars tie-in!

Darth Vader #8 – Marvel – $3.99

STK677201 Image

I bought the first issue with hesitation, believing Marvel was just out to make a buck.  Maybe they are, but damn this is a good book!  The Force is strong in writer Kieron Gillen and artist Salvador Larroca!

Here’s some other goodies out this week looking to take a bite out of your wallet!

Darth Vader & Friends 2016 Wall Calendar – Chronicle Books – $14.99

STK672005 Image

From the author of “Darth Vader and Son” and “Vader’s Little Princess” comes this collection guaranteed to bring smiles all year long!

Risk: Game of Thrones Edition Board Game – USAopoly

STK679800 Image

As per the press release:  “Featuring all of the houses you’ve come to love (and hate!) from the popular HBO series, it’s now in your hands to restore balance in the Kingdom and take your seat upon the Iron Throne!”  I’m still working on Season 1, but I would think a Risk-like board game makes sense and will likely be a hit!

Star Wars: Darth Vader Giant Pez – Burdette Beckmann Inc.

STK631152 Image

I’m not sure what the ‘sound’ is that this dispenser makes, I’m thinking likely the breathing sound Darth makes.  No matter what, this is a killer addition to your Pez collection!

AMC’s The Walking Dead 2016 Engagement Calendar – Ronnie Sellers Production Inc. – $15.99

STK672382 Image

This 16-month planner covers September 2015 to December 2016 and includes 70 full-colour photographs and full-week calendar spreads.  Some dates to keep in mind:  The first season of “Fear the Walking Dead” begins Sunday, August 23!  The sixth season of “The Walking Dead” begins Sunday, October 11!

Finally, here’s this week’s Funko Pop! releases!

Pocket Pop! Doctor Who Vinyl Figure Keychain – $5.99/ea

STK677933 Image

The 10th, 11th and 12th Doctors can all be hanging from your keyring, but hopefully not all at the same time!  The smiling Adipose can also be had!

Pocket Pop! My Little Pony 3-Piece Tin Gift Set – $16.99

STK679373 Image

Something for the kids – or Bronies – in your life, 1.5″-tall Celeste, Twilight Sparkle and Dr. Hooves come in a window box collector’s tin!

Pop! Peanuts Vinyl Figures – $10.99/ea

STK680034 Image

Peanuts, Peanuts everywhere!  This year is the comic strip’s 65th anniversary, the CGI movie comes out in November, and the Pop! line comes out this week!  You have your pick of Charlie Brown, Linus Van Pelt, Lucy Van Pelt, Sally Brown, or Snoopy and Woodstock!

Also out:

American Horror Story – Twisty the Clown, Pepper, Elsa Mars & Ma Petite, and the Tattler Twins

Fallout – Brotherhood of Steel, Deathclaw, Ghoul, Lone Wanderer Femaie, Lone Wanderer Male, Super Mutant, and Vault Boy

Guardians of the Galaxy (2nd Series) – The Collector, Nebula, Ronan, and Yondu, and a 6″ scale Thanos figure

STK668712 Image

Orphan Black – Alison Hendrix, Cosima Niehaus, Helena, Rachel Duncan, and Sarah Manning

Talladega Nights – Ricky Bobby, Cal Naughton Jr., and Jean Girard

Vikings – Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha, Rollo, Floki and The Seer

STK678350 Image

Some great books and wonderful collectibles coming out this week!  What will you be adding to your shelves?


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