Dean’s Pull List for August 5/15

6 Aug

Welcome back to my weekly blather about what I forked out for at my local comic book shop!  My apologies, this is an exceptionally small list this week!

Omega Men #3 – DC – $2.99

STK679281 Image

I love this book!  I love the writing!  I love the art!  I love the price!  I love this book!

We Stand on Guard #2 – Image – $2.99

STK680293 Image

$2.99 books seem to be the theme this week.  Short-lived theme, though.  I’m gonna sit down and read this soon’s as I get off this blog.

Darth Vader #8 – Marvel – $3.99

STK677201 Image

Goes without saying.  This and the main “Star Wars” books are basically must-buys, no matter what the financial situation one faces.  Yeah yeah, internet.  But doesn’t anyone enjoy HOLDING these books, FLIPPING PAGES?  Anyone?  Hello??

Doctor Who Magazine #488 – Panini – $9.99


I enjoy the articles, the pictures, the history that exudes from every page of this mag!  And on this month’s cover, Osgood, supposedly killed by Missy in the Death in Heaven episode of Series 8, is apparently still alive!  I’ll need to read this to find out…but likely won’t get a good answer til the TV show returns in September!

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Vol. 2 – Titan – $19.99

The hardcover collection of Titan Comic’s 11th Doctor, this contains issues #6-10!  I have the initial hardcover collections of all three Titan-represented Doctors, the second volume’s a given for this guy!  Amazon has great prices on their books, well worth checking out!

That’s what I got, and it’s time to sit down and read!  What did you get?


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