Comic Block – Deadline for August Block is Midnight 8/25/15!

25 Aug

07 2315 CB Ann SpiderGwen v3

I’ve had the pleasure of subscribing to Nerd Block’s Comic Block in the past!  Three or more comics, usually with Comic Block variant covers, a collectible and a T-shirt, for $13.99 U.S./month plus shipping!  It’s a great deal (unless your country’s dollar is devaluing by the minute…cough cough…Canada…cough cough) and the hints they gave regarding August’s box make it sound like it’s going to be an awesome one!  Here’s what Nerd Block had to say:

Hey there!

As part of the Nerd Block Family, we wanted to reach out and remind you that there’s still time for one of our best deals going! Now’s a great time to experience the awesome power of Comic Block!

Every month, Comic Block sends the best in comics rocketing to doors around the world, securely blanketed each time with the coolest shirt in the galaxy.

This month is no exception, with the power of the DC Bombshells and a surprise for Spider-Gwen fans that should have you swinging around the city with a smile. August’s Block also includes EXCLUSIVE variant covers for “The X-Files: Season 11, issue 1” and Red Sonja / Conan.

The great power of Comic Block comes with only one responsibility, make sure you order yours before supplies and time runs out at 11:59pm EST tonight! Subscribe now!


And remember, Comic Block subscribers are automatically entered to win an awesome Super Block! This month’s prize includes:

-Amazing Spider-Man: Edge of Spider-Verse comic
-Spider-Verse comic
-$50 ShirtPunch credit
-Wonder Woman travel mug
-Deadpool poster
-Daredevil poster
-Venom poster
-Harley Quinn Figure

Only Comic Block Subscribers are eligible, so subscribe now!

That’s a sweet monthly block, but the Super Block is awesome too!  You’ve only got a few hours left to get in on August’s Block so click while you can!

Also, Nerd Block’s Horror Block deadline for ordering is also midnight tonight!

As well, the Arcade Block deadline is midnight tonight!

Are you putting yourself up on the Block?


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