Arcade Block – September 2015 Spoilers!

31 Aug

007 AB FB 1200x628 Zelda op2

Arcade Block has just come out with their September block spoilers and….and…..Zelda?!?  Crud, they got me already, even BEFORE the press release!  Damn them!

The hero’s journey is a story that repeats every generation, and this month Arcade Block is offering a trip to Hyrule for a fresh look at the iconic and influential gaming franchise, The Legend of Zelda.

We’ve gathered items that are sure to link subscribers to the past with nostalgic treats and new surprises that explore the hero’s journey, from the acquisition of the shield to meeting the King of Red Lions to the discovery of the Master Sword. You might meet some little buddies along the way, and you might find yourself looking at the stars to another galaxy before your journey comes to an end.

You won’t have to be a spring chicken to embark on this quest, but you do have to be a subscriber to Arcade Block.

Subscribe today!

This looks to be a Block no Zelda fan should miss!  Subscriptions are $19.99 U.S./month plus shipping and handling, cheaper for longer-term subs!  Plus new subscribers get in on the Welcome Block featuring samples of past Blocks for free!  Will you be mounting your trusty steed and heading to Hyrule for this Block?


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