Horror Block – September 2015 Spoilers and Beast Block!

3 Sep

08 1315 HB FB 1200x628 v4 NightoftheLiving-Dead

For those of you who enjoy the darker side of subscription boxes, it’s time to look at this month’s Horror Block!

The dead are rising and seem to be after only one thing this September… Horror Block!

It’s not surprising really, given how many gory treats we’re delivering to horror fans around the world this month!

This September, we’re taking subscribers back to the origins of the zombie outbreak with some fresh love for the classic Night of the Living Dead. Add this to a surprise for Silence of the Lambs fans and this month’s block may leave you with a taste for flesh.

You may want to take extra care in opening your Horror Block though, should any parasitic alien lifeforms be waiting for a chance to latch on tight and feed on you!

September’s Horror Block is once again stuffed with surprises so terrifying, we dare you to open it!

Subscribe today!

Wow, items from a couple of classic horror movies!  Awesome!  And let’s not forget about the Beast Block!

beast block

And remember, all Horror Block Subscribers are automatically entered for a chance to win this month’s Beast Block!

One lucky subscriber will win the following:

  • Hellraiser Puzzle Box
  • Hellraiser Chatter Beast Figure
  • Pinhead and Wendigo Funko Pop! Figures
  • Revenge Book
  • 3 Kat Philbin Prints
  • Hellraiser/Hellbound Blu-ray Double Feature
  • Pumpkinhead Blu-ray
  • Wolfcop Blu-ray
  • Hannibal Seasons 1 & 2 on Blu-ray

The Winner will be announced September 26th, but you can only win if you’re subscribed, so subscribe today!

That’s a lot of movie and TV watching, plus all the collectibles!  Horror Block is $19.99 U.S. plus postage and handling, cheaper for longer-term subs!


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