Horror Block – September 2015 Spoilers Update!

11 Sep

We already had a Horror Block September spoiler, but today Nerd Block gave us a hint at another item that will be egg-xactly what you’re craving!  Ripleyyyyyyyyy….!!!!

08 1415 HB FB Ann 1200x628 v4 Aliens

In space, no one can hear you scream, but when Horror Block ships this month we suspect plenty of horror fans will be screaming with delight for one of our best blocks yet!

Subscribers will want to take care opening their block this month, as we suspect a deadly Alien may be waiting to strike!

Although, a parasitic alien might keep you company while you shelter yourself from a zombie uprising! We’ve got a horrific treat for zombie lovers with a trip back to the origins of the outbreak with a fresh look at the classic Night of the Living Dead.

If you need even more reasons to get excited, we’ve cooked up a surprise for Silence of the Lambs fans as well!

And remember: Every Horror Block includes Rue Morgue magazine, which is packed with all the best horror news, previews, interviews, and reviews. When it comes to horror and genre film coverage, they are in a class of their own!

There’s still time to get Horror Block, but time is running out to get your very own Welcome Block!

We’ve been sending all new subscribers an introductory Welcome Block, a $20 value, for free, simply for joining the Nerd Block Family!

Our Welcome Block offer will be ending on September 25th, 11:59 PM EST, so time is running out on this great offer!

Subscribe Today!

And don’t forget, all Horror Block subscribers are automatically entered for a chance to win this month’s monstrous Beast Block!

08 3115 HB BB Giv 1200x628 v2 September  1

▪ Hellraiser Puzzle Box
▪ Hellraiser Chatter Beast Figure
▪ Pinhead and Wendigo Funko Pop Figures
▪ Revenge Book
▪ 3 Kat Philbin Prints
▪ Hellraiser/ Hellbound Blu-Ray Double Feature
▪ Pumpkinhead Blu-Ray
▪ Wolfcop Blu-Ray
▪ Hannibal Season 1&2 on Blu-Ray

The Winner will be announced September 26th, but you can only win if you’re subscribed, so subscribe today!

$19.99 U.S. plus shipping and handling per month, cheaper for longer-term subscriptions!  Your chest may swell with pride when you get this….maybe because you have an alien trying to burst out!


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