DC Comics Cancels Five Titles, Including “Omega Men”! DC, I’m Done!

14 Sep

The news came in over the weekend from Comic Book Resources that DC Comics has decided to end five titles and change the team on an on-going.  As a loooooooong-time DC reader, let’s break this down:

New Creative Team: Catwoman

Catwoman #44

Writer Genevieve Valentine will be working on the “Batman and Robin Eternal” weekly, so perhaps she’s leaving Catwoman under her own accord.  The critics have enjoyed the book during her tenure so hopefully the new team can keep it going in a positive direction.

Cancelled: Justice League United

Justice League United #13

I enjoyed this book when it first started off and was written by Jeff Lemire.  After he left to do “Hawkeye” for Marvel, Jeff Parker took over and it really hasn’t been my cup o’ tea since.  Book ends with the 16th issue in December.

Cancelled: Gotham by Midnight

Gotham By Midnight Vol. 1: We Do Not Sleep TP

I picked up the first issue, and I guess I’m not much into the mystical side of the DCU (tried getting into “Justice League Dark” to no avail).  It was a pretty book, though.  Last issue is #12.

Cancelled: Doomed

Doomed #1

I love Superman.  It was my first-ever comic book read.  Issue #307 I believe.  The character holds a special place in my heart.  I read the Death of Superman (got the polybagged floppy with the black armband) at the hands of Doomsday.  I just couldn’t warm up to the New 52 version of Doomsday – seriously, once you kill your enemy, where do you take the story from there? – and this book piqued my interest…not one bit.  It’s believed #6 will be the last.

Cancelled: Lobo

Lobo #1

The original Lobo, introduced in the original “Omega Men” series in the ’80s, was cool, hip, and a bunch of other words that will date me if I continue to use them.  The New 52 Lobo was not the same ‘bastitch’ I came to know and love.  So I ignored this wanna-be (ending with issue #13) and hoped, one day, my beloved Omega Men would one day find a home in this new DCYou-niverse.  And much to my surprise, that day came:

Cancelled: The Omega Men

The Omega Men #1

The news that this will be cancelled after seven issues, this one hurts.  It’s personal.  Tom King gave us a re-imagining of this team – Primus, Tigorr, Broot, DOC, Scrapps, Cutlass, Kalista – and Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern) a new direction.  This book was beautiful to look at, and exciting to read.  You never knew where you were headed with this comic.  It was my favourite title after a couple of issues, and DC Co-publisher Dan DiDio promised that the DCYou books would get at least a twelve-issue run, so a reader figured this would be a book that the story could build organically without worrying about getting axed due to low sales.  Apparently the book has had low sales…the August 2015 list shows “The Omega Men” #3 in 154th place.

Over the forty years I’ve been reading comics, I’ve seen start-ups and cancellations, reboots upon reboots, but this one really upsets me.  As a reader, we’re ‘promised’ at least 12 issues.  It has been stated by the writer of “The Omega Men” himself, Tom King, that he had a 12-issue story arc and as quoted by Bleeding Cool:

I view the first twelve issues of this series as a complete story with a beginning, middle and—most oddly for comics—an end. Every panel, every line of dialogue is planned out to serve that basic twelve issue arc.

So what we’re gonna get now is a rewritten story now having to be stuffed into the remaining few monthlies, an unsatisfying end to what has been a glorious read thus far.

To say the least….. I am NOT happy with DC.

I haven’t been happy with Marvel for a long time, and I only buy their “Star Wars” books – I was buying ’em when Dark Horse was publishing the line, and I’m a sucker for anything Star Wars – and it appears I am going to have to take that stance now with DC.  I will buy the rest of “The Omega Men” as the issues come out, hell, I’ll even buy the trade that collects these issues to have proudly displayed on my shelf.  Otherwise…..

I’m done, DC.

You have no idea what to do with your line of super-heroes.  I’ve enjoyed “Batman” and “Superman”.  Hell, I started reading “Batman” cuz of the New 52 reboot, and have bought and enjoyed it every month since.  You let me down with “Superman” after George Perez left, and “Action Comics” was good until Grant Morrison finished his run.  The latest iterations of these books are bringing greatness back to Supes, but cripes, Batman’s not Batman lately, and Superman’s not super, and….I like change as much as the next Joe, I really do.  But DC, as a comic publisher you are not showing COMMITMENT to your customer base.  Yes, times are tough and it’s a fickle marketplace.  But…


Was twelve issues too much to ask?  You’re still printing “All Star Section 8”, which was #155 in the monthly list (one worse than “The Omega Men”) and they started at the same time!  I committed to that book by buying every issue out so far, and promoting the hell out of it on this blog, on reddit, to friends…I would not have put the effort into it if I knew you weren’t going to keep your promise.

This is just a small blog, not a huge following by any means, and I’m sure it will escape notice from Dan and DC.  Tom King, thank you for bringing this group of characters to life, and for putting out a book I could get behind.  I appreciate the work you put into this!

Going forward, make mine….independent.


2 Responses to “DC Comics Cancels Five Titles, Including “Omega Men”! DC, I’m Done!”

  1. librarian25 October 1, 2015 at 1:50 am #

    Interesting, I know this is a tad off topic for this post, but you said you liked action comics when Grant Morrison was writing it, could I ask why? Or did you do a post on it? I’m not into Superman, but after getting deep into the New 52 I figured I should start reading his stuff, and people said I should start with action comics…..and it was weird. To me some parts felt inconsistent, and the only parts I was glad that I picked the trade up was the Steel short stories at the back.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dboutic617 October 1, 2015 at 5:33 am #

      Thank you for asking! I really enjoyed how new-52 “Action Comics” began: a five-years-earlier Superman, fighting for the common people, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…after decades of reading about a godlike alien, I found this approach refreshing, to say the least! However, as with just about anything Grant Morrison touches, the book got, as you stated, “weird”! Nearly lost me as a reader, too. Morrison is an acquired taste. I picked up his “Multiversity” books monthly but ended up giving up and dropping the books off my pull list before the end. I enjoy Scott Snyder’s “Batman” but didn’t connect with Morrison’s “Batman Incorporated”. I believe much of Morrison’s body of work leaves an allowance for interpretation from the reader, and I’m guessing I just haven’t “interpreted” in a way that I can enjoy his work. Long story short? I’m with you! 🙂 LOL


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