DC Listens! “Omega Men” Uncancelled! DC, I’m Back!

19 Sep

Four days ago DC Comics released the news that, due to low sales, several comics were coming to a premature end, including a critical fave, “The Omega Men”.  Cancellations happen in the comics world all the time…what got this particular blogger was that DC co-publisher Dan DiDio had stated in print and online that the comics coming out of “Convergence”, or the DCYou initiative, would have at least twelve issues to tell their tales, and that was a promise DiDio made.  When the news of these cancellations came out, I was angry…absolutely, I wanted to continue reading “Omega Men”….writer Tom King stated that he wrote this series as one big twelve-issue maxi-series…so to have that twelve chopped down to seven would change the experience, and definitely not what the writer originally envisioned.

What got me REALLY angry was that DC was willing to break its promise to the readers, throw out that 12-issue promise, and let’s move on.  I was so angry I wrote a blog about the whole affair.  I tweeted my displeasure, including @TomKingTK in the discussion along with @DCComics.  I even went so far as to e-mail DC through their own website’s comments page.

Mr. King tweeted to me that he appreciated my blog, and recommended (I will be taking him up on his request) to have my LCS pre-order his upcoming Vertigo series “Sheriff of Babylon”.  It begins in December.  Mr. King?  Consider it done!

And then today happened.  Just before 7 pm tonight, Comic Book Resources sent out an e-mail stating DC has changed their mind and has ‘uncancelled’ “Omega Men”, and that the series will get its’ promised 12-issue run, and if sales improve, maybe even beyond!  It is a rare thing when fans can overturn announced cancellations.  As rare as it is, it happened today!  Hooray for the Internet!

Special thanks go out to DC’s @JimLee and @DanDiDio1 for realizing that a promise is a promise.  For that, I am willing to forgive, and am happy I have “Omega Men” for at least another eight issues.  THANK YOU DC!!!


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