4-Colour Forward: New Comics and Collectibles for Wed. Sept. 23/15

21 Sep

This week, comics, collectibles, and TV shows compete for your hard-earned (yet easily-spent) dollar!  It’s what’s coming in comics and collectibles Wednesday, September 23!  If you would like to see the full list of product coming this week, click here!

—– The Flash: Season 1 – Available on DVD and Blu-Ray/Digital HD Tuesday September 22/15 —–

Face it, this is a must-buy for a couple of reasons.  First, it’s arguably the best comic book show on TV right now.  Second, it’s broadcast on The CW in the States, and a lot of people don’t have an HD-broadcasting CW station in their area.  Now you can see just how awesome this show looks in the best quality possible!

—– The Arrow: Season 3 – Available on DVD and Blu-Ray/Digital HD Tuesday September 22/15 —–

Another must-buy, for the “Flash” crossovers, as well as supporting actor Stephen Amell (“Oliver Queen/Arrow”), who is just as awesome in real-life as he is on the show, if not more so!

—– Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 2 Available on DVD and Blu-Ray/Digital HD Tuesday September 22/15 —–

More superhero mayhem from the mighty folks at Marvel!  Season 2 embraced the Marvel Universe more than the initial season, making this set a lot more exciting!

—– Joker: Endgame HC – DC Comics – $29.99 —–

STK677011 Image

Last week the graphic novel to get was Batman Vol. 7.  This week, all the “Endgame” stories are put together in one collection!  You get Batman #35-39, Batman Annual #3, Gotham Academy: Endgame #1, Batgirl: Endgame #1, Detective Comics: Endgame #1, and Arkham Manor: Endgame #1!

—– Donald Duck #5 – IDW – $3.99 —–

STK683418 Image

Making its U.S. debut, it’s “The Diabolical Duck Avenger”, a super-anti-hero ready to get even with Uncle Scrooge!

—– Orphan Black TP Vol. 1 – IDW – $19.99 —–

STK681258 Image

Collecting issues 1-5 of IDW’s “Orphan Black”, from the hit TV show on Space and BBC America!

—– Nameless #5 – Image – $2.99 —–

STK674286 Image

The soul-destroying origin story of the man known only as “Nameless” is uncovered in all its horror. What caused “Nameless” to surrender his identity? What are the sickening secrets of the Razor House Project? And what went wrong in there?  Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham reveal all!

—– Howard the Duck TP: “What the Duck?” – Marvel – $16.99 —–

STK683007 Image

Collecting Howard the Duck (2015) #1-5…Howard the Duck is back!  I saw the original movie in the theatre.  Now how long ago was that?  Let me Google it…1986?!  Sheesh!  I also remember reading the comic book series that was out back then…this new iteration by Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones goes a loooong way towards me forgetting those days of yore!

—– Book of Death #3 (of 4) – Valiant – $3.99 —–

STK682514 Image

There is no hope….only MASTER DARQUE!!!  Hmmm.  Sounds ominous.

—– Doctor Who Event 2015: Four Doctors #5 (of 5) – Titan – $3.99 —–

STK678372 Image

With Doctor Who back on TV with new episodes, and the concluding chapter of the “Four Doctors” mini-series, this is a good week to be a Whovian!

—– Pitiful Human Lizard #1 – Chapter House Comics – $3.99 —–

STK681762 Image

I’ve had the fortune to meet Pitiful Human Lizard creator Jason Loo last year at a Stadium Comics event last year, and picked up a signed #1 copy of his self-published comic book.  Now, Chapterhouse Comics has welcomed Jason and his creation into the fold, bringing Lucas Barrett and his superhero-on-evenings-and-weekends alter-ego to the masses!  64-page first issue for ONLY $3.99!  With more Toronto references than you can shake an Honest Ed’s Christmas turkey at!

—– Batman Utility Belt – Rubies Costume Company – $15.99 —–

STK682267 Image

If you’re thinking of dressing as Batman this Halloween, you shouldn’t be caught outside the Batcave without your utility belt!  Perfect to keep your Batarangs, Bat Grappling Hook, and Bat Shark Repellant in!

—– Guardians of the Galaxy: Smiling Groot Molded Mug – Surreal Entertainment – $16.99 —–

STK664464 Image

You won’t hear “I….am….Starbucks!” coming from this mug, matter of fact you won’t hear anything.  It’s not a talking mug, it’s just a mug.  Molded to look like Groot, mind you.  Actually kinda cute.  Is that caffeine stains on his teeth though?

—– Mr. Potato Head: Star Wars – PPW Toys – $24.99 —–

STK683904 Image

You can choose from C-3P0, Boba Fett, or Princess Leia (in Jabba Captive gear). As Potato Heads.  Oh dear.

—– Star Trek: Uniform Laptop Bags – Crowded Coop LLC – $49.95 —–

STK685069 Image

These laptop bags feature a custom Delta metal rivet, embroidered braid rank on side panel, interior pockets and pen holders, and a custom printed lining. The padded interior fits up to a 13″ laptop or tablet. Available in Gold, Red, or Blue (but let’s face it…Starfleet officers and engineers that wear red usually suffer quick deaths, so choose your colour wisely).


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