Horror Block – October 2015 Spoilers! UPDATED 10/26/15 With Unboxing Video!

1 Oct

10 0115 HB FB 1200x628 Chucky

It’s October, Halloween Month!  So let’s find out what’s in the new Horror Block!

Subscribers already know that every month is Halloween with Horror Block, that’s why we’re packing more terrifying surprises into October’s block to celebrate our favorite time of year!

October’s Horror Block is bringing subscribers a host of evils so horrifying, we dare you to invite them into your home this month!

Subscribers will open October’s Horror Block to find the infamous killer doll, Chucky, waiting to play a deadly game, as well as the most notorious vampire in history also making an entrance this month to sink his teeth into our subscribers.

If you need to lock yourself away for safety, don’t worry! We’re packing in an item that should help you call for help, so long as you don’t mind looking for assistance from the spirit world!

And there’s plenty more treats for subscribers this Halloween, so don’t miss your chance for the block that wants to come and get you this October!

Subscribe Today!

And don’t forget about the possibility of winning October’s Beast Block!

09 2115 HB BB Giv 1200x628 October

  • A PlayStation 4 console
  • Until Dawn for PS4
  • Alien Isolation for PS4
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2 for PS4
  • The Evil Within for PS4

A Winner will be announced after the October Horror Blocks have been shipped!

Horror Blocks are $19.99 U.S. per month plus shipping and handling; cheaper for longer-term subscriptions!  Blocks will be shipping October 25 so get your subs in now!

10 0715 HB FB 1200x628 Fridaythe13th

UPDATE 10/11/15: Nerd Block has released an update with their content for the October Horror Block!

Hello Campers! We’ve got a special surprise for subscribers to Horror Block this October – fans of blood thirsty maniacs should definitely rejoice, and maybe board up the doors and windows!

There’s no real amount of preparation that can defend against the terror Horror Block is bringing to doors this month. But there are plenty of treats for subscribers to feast on in time for Halloween!

Subscribers with a morbid fascination for conjuring demons and the deathly desire to contact the other side will be able to thanks to one of the scariest things to ever be included in a Horror Block, and you can get it this October! While it is the haunting season, we’ve kept it practical, so you’ll want to use it every day.

There are forces in this universe that are conspiring together. Demons, restless souls, the undead, and pop musicians all want a piece of you. You want a piece of them too, and with Horror Block, you can invite them into your home this month. You’ll also have to invite Dracula into your home – he’s gentlemanly like that. We’ve convinced him to get into a Horror Block, and we didn’t even have to pack it with soil for his journey to you!

But perhaps the most terrifying surprise this month is the killer doll that’s snuck its way into Horror Block for the chance to come play a deadly game with you!

Halloween isn’t complete without Horror Block, so don’t miss the chance to bring one home!

Subscribe Today!

Horror Blocks are shipping October 25 (and only 314 subscriptions left as of 2:10 am October 11), so order yours today!

UPDATE 10/26/15:  We have an unboxing video from YouTube’s skullmaster430!


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