Horror Block – December ’15 Pop! Reveal

22 Dec

12 2215 HB Ann DarylDixon Button rev2

We’ve got an EXCLUSIVE Daryl Dixon Funko collectible in Horror Block this month. This is the only place you’ll get it, and only if you subscribe!

We’ve only got a few days before the big day – you know the one: it’s when Horror Block ships to subscribers! So do not delay any further. Get your paws on Daryl before he’s gone for good. We wouldn’t want any fans to riot, after all!

This Horror Block is also packed with more genre love than ever. We’ve got an exclusive Freddy collectible from A Nightmare on Elm Street along with a stunning tribute to Wes Craven.

December’s Horror Block also includes a treat for fans of Godzilla and Cthulhu as well as a little something we brought back from our tropical vacation that went horribly wrong!

And as always you can read up on all the best in horror entertainment with the latest issue of Rue Morgue (a stunning value), included in every Horror Block!

You have til December 25 to get in on this, head over to Horror Block‘s website now!


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