Arcade Block – 50% off (3 Days Only)!

23 Dec

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Here’s a Christmas deal that you can’t go wrong with…50% off a 1-month Arcade Block subscription, but only til Christmas!

Hey all,

Russ from Nerd Block here. The holidays are a special time for me, not only because I get to spend them with my friends and family, but because they will always remind me of special moments from my childhood. I’ll never forget the feeling of waking up early one Christmas morning to find that Santa had brought me a Voltron.

It’s this love of pleasant surprises that led me to create Nerd Block, and I couldn’t be more pleased that so many of you love receiving your monthly mystery packages.

Well, it’s time to give back. This is, after all, the season of goodwill and sharing.

From December 23 to 25, you can get a one-month subscription* to Arcade Block for 50% off by using the promo code “HAPPYHOLIDAYS” when you check out. These are the blocks that our Nerd Block elves are busy building right now, in our warehouse!

We’re constantly learning from you and doing our best to provide you with the best entertainment value when it comes to the collectibles we put in our Blocks, and this December we’ve got some truly amazing goodies going out to our subscribers.

Thank you so much.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas,

Russ Montague,
CEO, Nerd Block

*offer valid on 1-month subscriptions only. Does not apply to multi-month subscriptions.

Here’s some clues as to what will be coming in your Arcade Block!

Bring home the best gaming franchises wiunnamed  16 th Arcade Block! This December, subscribers can expect an incredible surprise from The Last of Us and Just Cause 3!

In addition to new franchises, we’re also kicking it old school with a treat from an arcade classic! And every subscriber can expect to find a vinyl set we know you’ll love!

For this deal, Arcade Block is $19.99 US – less 50% when you use the “HAPPYHOLIDAYS” code at checkout – plus S&H.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Nerd Block!


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