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This is Heavy…USAopoly to Release “Back To The Future” Monopoly!

8 Aug

(photos USAopoly)

Party like it’s 1985!  Or 1955!  Or 1885!  Or 2015!  USAopoly is coming out with this gorgeous “Back To The Future” version of “Monopoly”, just in time before the original movie’s 30th anniversary!  Just look at the game board….

bttf monopoly board

….full of Hill Valley references!  “Past” and “Future” cards rather than “Chance” and “Community Chest”!  The game comes with:

  • Custom game board features iconic locations from the Back to the Future trilogy
  • Collectible zinc tokens including: Delorean, Einstein, Hoverboard, Marty’s Hat, New Clock Tower, and Power Lace Shoe
  • 28 Title Deed Cards
  • 16 FUTURE Cards and 16 PAST Cards
  • 32 Houses Renamed Plutonium Rods, 12 Hotels Renamed Plutonium Cases
  • Custom BACK TO THE FUTURE Money
  • 2 Dice
  • Instructions

Oh, about those tokens….aren’t these sweet???

bttf tokens

Everyone’s gonna want to be the Delorean!  The game has a $39.95 suggested retail price, and should be out in September!  You’ll want to get this before it’s gone, otherwise you’ll need to generate 1.21-gigawatts of electricity to get yourself “Back to the Future”!