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Unboxing in the Back of a Van – Loot Crate, July 2015

29 Jul

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The DeanBlog’s “Unboxing in the Back of a Van”!  So you may ask yourself, why in heaven’s name do you call this particular posting “Unboxing in the Back of a Van”?  Very simple, good chap.  I did an unboxing…and it was in the back of my van.  Or maybe I thought of the blog title first…….? Well, I don’t remember at this moment, so let’s go with “my dog ate it”.  And now, on to the unboxing!

First off, let’s identify who we’re dealing with.  Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box meant to scratch that geek itch you have.  In the States, plans start at $13.99 per month plus shipping, and cheaper if you sign up for multiple months.  Up here in Canuckleville, those same plans start at $29.99 per month – shipping included – but then transferred to American funds (so roughly $37/per month).

Every month Loot Crate announces a theme to their upcoming box.  July’s theme was “Heroes 2”, a sequel of sorts to LC’s “Heroes” crate from last August.  So what did we get in the box?  Let’s pop the trunk and take a look!


Looks good, your standard-lookin’ Loot Crate box.  This is my first LC so I’m excited and yet hesitant.  Thrilled but yet skeptical.  Trembling with anticipation but yet…..oh never mind.  Open the box damnit!


Hey, cool!  The inside of the box actually turns into the outside of a building!  And just like a toddler, or a cat, I’m more wowed by the box than I am the contents.  I’m sure that’ll change once I take the goods out of the box and see what I got….

No, the fishing rod to the far left was NOT in the box.  The LC Magazine was, though!  There was also a couple of Loot Crate exclusives, the Batman ’66 Q-Pop figure, and a download card for the Steam game “Brawlhalla”!  Here’s a better look at the Batman figure:

I am already happy with this box, that Batman figure is sweet!!  I haven’t even taken it out of the box yet…I think I may take it to work so there’s no fear of the kids destroying it!  “Father of the Year”, they call me….under their breath.  And the “Brawlhalla” game is a free download on PC and Mac, the exclusive part is more weapons or vikings or something.  So what else was in the box?

Four more geeky goodies!  Starting on the left we’ve got an officially-licensed Legend of Zelda sweatband.  Live long and prosper during your daily commute with the Star Trek Auto Air Freshener.  The Batman multi-tool keychain is flippin’ all sorts of awesome (it’s also a bottle opener and a Phillips and flathead screwdriver)!  Also in the Crate was the hardcover book “The League of Regrettable Superheroes – The Loot Crate Edition”, containing 50 of the strangest guys in tights to ever grace a floppy!  Comic book, that is.  Here’s a better look at that amazing multi-tool:

….and a clearer look at the book, another major win for this month’s box:

Something I missed taking a picture of (although it was in the back of the van) was a Wonder Woman Bombshells poster:

Finally, there was also a Loot Crate pin celebrating the month’s theme.  However, my box mysteriously did not have said pin….

Here’s the whole works, including the box inside-out:

(Photo – Subscription Box Mom)

This was a really good box!  I’m glad I tried Loot Crate out!  If you see a theme one month that interests you, why not give them a try?  A lot of people apparently buy these and then break them up and sell individual items on Ebay, I’ve noticed, but there’s nothing like not knowing what you’re getting until you take out that van key and…..or knife, or box cutter, whatever works for you!  If you’ve gotten a Loot Crate in the past, what did you get?

Later this week…..another “Unboxing in the Back of a Van”!!!