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Geek Fuel – February/16 Mystery Box!

5 Feb

Geek Fuel is coming in like gangbusters, dropping clues about their February 2016 box!  Shall we?

Keep it Shiny With Geek Fuel This Month!

February’s Geek Fuel box is almost ready to ship, and this month we have something every Browncoat is looking for! Channel Jayne, Mal, Zoe, and the rest of the crew as they go from planet to planet, living the mercenary life. You’ll be flying high above the desert floor with something shiny and new!

Then the next day….

Nothing Says “Love” Like Deadpool

The Merc with the Mouth hits the big screen this month, and we’re celebrating with an officially licensed item in the February box! If you’ve been waiting and waiting for the new Deadpool movie as eagerly as we have, you’re going to want to get signed up today so you’ve got your shipment before you’ve scored tickets to opening night! Not only will you channel your inner Wade Wilson, you’ll get all of this other great stuff too:

  •         EXCLUSIVE T-Shirt Available to Geek Fuel Members!
  •         At least $50 worth of amazing, geeky goodness
  •         Access to our member-only Firefly giveaway ($500 Value!)
  •         Downloadable Steam Game ($10 Value)
  •         6-8 Epic items you won’t find anywhere else!

Looks like you have your work cut out for you!  Subscribe to Geek Fuel now!


Loot Crate – December/15 Theme!

3 Dec

The theme for December’s Loot Crate is…..”GALAXY”!


Tour the stars in style!  Search your feelings (not your closet) because this month’s Level Up apparel is all about cozy couture from Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Jedi, Sith, or a droid on an adventure, you’re going love it (we know).

There’s also going to be an exclusive Star Wars Funko Pop! figure and t-shirt in the Crate, if that hasn’t gotten you whipping out your credit card yet!

Check in to Loot Crate!

Geek Fuel – December 2015 – 12/8/15 Update!

3 Dec

Time to roll out some theme spoilers for December’s Geek Fuel subscription box!

Geek Fuel December 2015 Box Spoiler - Star Wars

Geek Fuel spoiler info

Geek Fuel December 2015 Box Spoiler - The Simpsons

There will likely be one or two more ‘spoilers’ released over the next week or so, so check back to see what else will be added!

UPDATE 12/8/15:  One more update!

Looks like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is getting in the act!

Geek Fuel – November 2015 UPDATE: Three Reveals!

3 Nov

Let’s check out what Geek Fuel is promising in their November 2015 box!

Reveal #1:

Geek Fuel November Spoiler #1 Pac Man

Reveal #2:

Geek Fuel November Spoiler #2 Star Wars

Reveal #3:


$17.90 U.S. plus shipping and handling per month – less for longer-term subscriptions!  Subscribe to Geek Fuel!

Geek Fuel – October 2015 Spoilers! UPDATED 10/26/15 with Unboxing Video!

11 Oct

Geek Fuel is out with their October subscription box spoilers!  I’ve gotten Geek Fuel in the past and they are one of the better boxes out there!  So what are we looking at this month?  FOUR spoilers for the price of one:

Geek Fuel October Spoiler

Geek Fuel Spoiler

Geek Fuel October

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.46.39 PM

Obviously something Star Wars- and Guardians of the Galaxy-related, but is either one the Funko Pop!?  Curious minds want to know!  And “Video Games Live”…..?!

Geek Fuel is $23.90 U.S. per month if shipping to the U.S. ($29.90 U.S. per month if shipping to Canada), and there are cheaper plans if you subscribe for a prolonged period!

UPDATE 10/26/15:  Here’s an unboxing video from YouTube’s Jordan Keyes Vlogs on Geek Fuel’s October box!

UPDATE 10/30/15:  And if you can’t view the video, here’s the rundown:

The Force Sleeps Pillowcase | Exclusive VGL T-Shirt | Over 9000 Zombies! downloadable game and strategy guide | Delorean Time Display Vinyl Sticker | Save The Clock Tower Button | Funko Pop! Vinyl | Guardianade Energy Drink

Geek Fuel – September 2015 Spoilers!

11 Sep

I enjoy watching “Bob’s Burgers”, so I’m intrigued by Geek Fuel’s September subscription box!


If you want to join in the fun, subscribe to Geek Fuel!  $17.90 U.S./month plus shipping and handling…cheaper with longer-term subscriptions!

Hello World!…..again!

23 Jul

Annnnnnnnd that oughta do it!  Three years between posts I think is about right.  Hopefully the next post makes it out before my kids graduate high school.

Anyway, the bug itcheth and I scratcheth….or something like that.  I’m back and bloggin’, baby!  And as this was my comic review blog, and although I’m still reading them, other interests that I will get into in a sec have been slowly coming to the forefront.  So to do this blog any type of justice at all, it needs to conform to what’s going down….and that is that geek culture has really up’ed the game over the last while, and rather than being satisfied with reading those $4 32-page funny books and calling it a day, we now have things like really, really good comic conventions in close proximity to home…more TV shows dedicated to subjects once popular only on the printed page…industries created with the intention of mailing you the ‘best’ stuff available each and every month in subscription boxes…so many things that have permeated our culture and cemented geekism into the realm of the normal.

I get excited thinking about where things are going, and I want to share that excitement with you.  I may be a bit late to the game, but I think I’ve got a lot to say.  And hey, Geek Fuel?  Loot Crate?  Nerd Block?  1 Up Box?  I WILL be doing unboxings as well.  Feel free to ‘use’ me to get the gospel across.  I’ve already checked out a couple of boxes, and will be sharing my opinions on them in a future blog.

I look forward to any feedback you may have as a community!  I ain’t rich, I don’t pretend to be, I get involved with what I can and watch the rest from the sidelines…but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion, and I certainly want to hear yours!  I’m looking forward to doing some serious geeking out with y’all!  Thanks for reading!