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Geek Fuel – February/16 Mystery Box!

5 Feb

Geek Fuel is coming in like gangbusters, dropping clues about their February 2016 box!  Shall we?

Keep it Shiny With Geek Fuel This Month!

February’s Geek Fuel box is almost ready to ship, and this month we have something every Browncoat is looking for! Channel Jayne, Mal, Zoe, and the rest of the crew as they go from planet to planet, living the mercenary life. You’ll be flying high above the desert floor with something shiny and new!

Then the next day….

Nothing Says “Love” Like Deadpool

The Merc with the Mouth hits the big screen this month, and we’re celebrating with an officially licensed item in the February box! If you’ve been waiting and waiting for the new Deadpool movie as eagerly as we have, you’re going to want to get signed up today so you’ve got your shipment before you’ve scored tickets to opening night! Not only will you channel your inner Wade Wilson, you’ll get all of this other great stuff too:

  •         EXCLUSIVE T-Shirt Available to Geek Fuel Members!
  •         At least $50 worth of amazing, geeky goodness
  •         Access to our member-only Firefly giveaway ($500 Value!)
  •         Downloadable Steam Game ($10 Value)
  •         6-8 Epic items you won’t find anywhere else!

Looks like you have your work cut out for you!  Subscribe to Geek Fuel now!


Geek Fuel – November 2015 UPDATE: Three Reveals!

3 Nov

Let’s check out what Geek Fuel is promising in their November 2015 box!

Reveal #1:

Geek Fuel November Spoiler #1 Pac Man

Reveal #2:

Geek Fuel November Spoiler #2 Star Wars

Reveal #3:


$17.90 U.S. plus shipping and handling per month – less for longer-term subscriptions!  Subscribe to Geek Fuel!