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Loot Crate – “Firefly” Cargo Crate!

1 Feb

Now available from Loot Crate:  The new bi-monthly “Firefly” Cargo Crate!

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Loot Crate – February ’16 Theme!

26 Jan

Loot Crate

One of my favourite TV shows returns for the second-half of its’ sixth season on Sunday, February 14!  Which makes Loot Crate‘s February crate all the more poignant…

Grab your gear and load up on chimichangas -- the DEAD (crate) arrives this February! Every month, Loot Crate brings you a box full of geeky goodness for less than $20 and this month we’re celebrating the release of the Deadpool feature film and the return of The Walking Dead with five EXCLUSIVE items including a T-Shirt, figures and more!


There will be a T-shirt and TWO figures this month!  Nice!  Loot Crate is $13.95 US/month plus S&H (and even less with a longer-term subscription plan)!


Loot Anime – January/16 Theme!

7 Jan

Loot Crate has released information on Episode #3 of Loot Anime!


It’s Over 9000… Levels of Awesome!

Whether facing your mortal enemy, taking down an entire Student Council or destroying an Empire, you need the right gear—and we’re here to EQUIP you with the right tools for the job. Stay fit, focused and fierce with an epic item from Dragonball Z and EXCLUSIVE items from Kill la Kill and Akame Ga Kill- including an EXCLUSIVE shirt, collectibles and more!

Loot Anime is $24.99 US plus S&H per month, and lower with longer-term subscriptions!  Here’s a look at what was in the Crate for Episode 1 – “Brawl”:

Loot Crate – Invasion! – Now With Spoilers!

22 Dec

Last month’s “Galaxy” box from Loot Crate was awesome!  Can they follow up with this month’s theme….”Invasion”?

This January, Loot Crate, Level Up, and Loot Pets are celebrating the best of otherworldly intrusions, from mysterious monsters and eerie extraterrestrials to the heroic humans that stand stalwart against them. Featuring uncanny items from the X-Files, Alien, the Fifth Element and more (including an EXCLUSIVE T-Shirt and EXCLUSIVE unearthly plush), the Loot is out there -- and headed directly to your door!





Head over to Loot Crate now!


UPDATE 2/2/16:  Loot Crate has released an e-mail with the contents of the “Invasion!” crate, along with the Level Up and Loot Pets crates, for all to see!

Loot Crate Wrap Up

Loot Crate Wrap Up

Level Up Wrap Up

Level Up Wrap Up

Loot Pets Wrap Up

Loot Pets Wrap Up

Loot Pets – A Loot Crate For Your Pet!- UPDATE: First Crate Contents!

25 Nov

Coming soon from Loot Crate for your furry four-legged companion!

Announcing Loot Pets


Have you ever wished there was something like Loot Crate, but for your pet? Good news! Loot Pets is coming soon! It’s got geek, gamer and pop culture gear for the pup in your life — like apparel, accessories and toys, including exclusive and hard-to-find items — all delivered to your door, just like the humans’ Loot Crate.

Share the looting experience with your furry friends! Enter your email address at lootcrate.com/pets to get the latest updates*, and we’ll let you know when Loot Pets is cleared for takeoff!

*Submitting your email address is not a pre-order and you can unsubscribe from email updates at any time.

UPDATE 1/12/16:  Here’s what was inside the first Loot Pets crate:

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 5.39.04 PM


Loot Crate – November 2015 Theme Reveal! – UPDATE: Entire Crate Reveal!

27 Oct

Loot Crate has released the theme for their November 2015 subscription box:  “Combat”!

Subscribing to Loot Crate gets you a chance to win the November Mega Crate!


Amazing!  And don’t forget Loot Crate’s “Level Up” program!

Get ready for COMBAT, Looters! Our +2 Socks can help you outrun the undead or super mutants! Enjoy your +2 Accessories with a unique item sponsored by Nuka Cola and make your Capitol Sponsors jealous with your bonus accessory! Finally, prep your 3D Maneuver Gear because our +1 Wearable is ready to go scouting (and maybe find out what’s in that basement)!


UPDATE 11/29/15:  Crate reveals are out!

November Wrap Up

November’s loot really packed a punch! We included a bunch of COMBAT-ready items like the EXCLUSIVE Fallout 4 Vault Boy Bobble Head (for a little post-nuclear panache), Cute But Deadly Vinyl Mystery Figures (with a chance to get an orange Murloc that can’t be found anywhere else) and an EXCLUSIVE Magnet Set! Plus a pair of TMNT Shredder Sunglasses that’ll have you looking sharp all year long, a Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Pin to set your style on fire and an EXCLUSIVE Street Fighter Hyper Looting Comic for an uppercut of awesomeness!



Loot Crate – Anime Crate Coming Soon!

19 Oct


SIGN UP SUCCESSFUL! Thanks for sign up to get more info on Anime by Loot Crate, our new mystery subscription crate service launching later this year! More updates will be headed your way soon! TEAM LOOT CRATE


Got this in my e-mail!  I believe Funimation is involved in this endeavour, so I’m hoping for some good things here!  If you want to keep in the loop, sign up here and keep watching this blog for further information!