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Smuggler’s Bounty – Cantina (Box #3)

18 Jan

As “The Resistance” boxes begin to ship, news arrives on Funko’s next “Smuggler’s Bounty”, Star Wars-themed subscription box!

Smuggler’s Bounty is excited to share
that our next box will be Cantina-themed!

Make sure to sign up before the deadline to receive a box full of exclusive Star Wars Funko products!

Sign-up today!

Shoot first on this box!  $25 US plus S&H per bi-monthly box, plus applicable taxes.


Sci-Fi Block – February ’16 Themes!

12 Jan

12 1415 SFB Ads FebBlock GOTG v1 01

We’re hooked on a feeling that you’re going to love Sci-Fi Block this February!

Some of the biggest franchises in the universe will be transporting to subscribers around the world, including Guardians of the Galaxy!

The Force remains strong with Sci-Fi Block in February as well, with treats for Star Wars fans still celebrating the Classic Saga.

And even though no one can hear you scream in space, we’re expecting some audible shouts of excitement with a surprise for fans of Aliens and Star Trek.

With so many amazing franchises this February, there’s never been a better time to subscribe at maximum warp to make sure Sci-Fi Block reaches your door!


There’s also the Galaxy Giveaway for all current subscribers!

And remember, all Sci-Fi Block subscribers are automatically entered to win our new Galaxy Giveaway, and here’s what’s up for grabs this month!

01 0616 SFB FB GalaxyBlock 1200x628 February


Once you become a Sci-Fi Block subscriber, you are automatically entered to win the Galaxy Giveaway!

The February Galaxy Giveaway will include:

PS4 Console
Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for PS4
Star Wars: Battlefront for PS4
Battlestar Galactica The Complete Series Blu-Ray
Firefly The Complete Series Blu-Ray
Doctor Who Doomsday Figure Set
3 Doctor Who Electronic Daleks

Blocks begin shipping February 5!  Blocks start at $19.99 US per month plus S&H, less per month for longer-term subscriptions!

4-Colour Forward: Comics and Collectibles for Wed. Dec. 9/15

7 Dec

Time for another go checking out what’s new in your local comic shop this Wednesday, December 9/15!  To see the complete list from PREVIEWSworld, click here!


The Massive: Ninth Wave #1 – Dark Horse – $3.99

STK690740 Image

In the pages of The Massive, Ninth Wave was struggling to repair a broken world. But before that, they were the preeminent global environmental-rescue unit, taking on criminals, polluters, politicians, and rogue states. The Massive: Ninth Wave tells these stories in a stylish, high-action, done-in-one format, reuniting the entire creative team from the original series.

Check out a 6-page preview here!


Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (of 6) – DC Comics – $3.99

STK691018 Image

DC Comics and IDW team up for the crossover you never saw coming as two of the greatest entertainment icons meet for the first time! In Gotham City, a series of deadly raids leads Batman to believe he’s up against a group of highly trained ninjas known as the Foot Clan! Somehow, they’ve crossed over to another dimension and are determined to take advantage of the situation while looking to get back home. But they haven’t come alone: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo are hot on their trail. Get ready for excitement as heroes and villains from both worlds clash and team up in an epic battle that threatens the very fabric of reality!

Written by James Tynion IV with art by Freddie Williams!


The Dark Knight III: Master Race #1 (of 8) Collector’s Edition HC – DC Comics – $12.99

STK689051 Image

This oversized hardcover collects both stories from DARK KNIGHT III: THE MASTER RACE #1 at the same size!

Now you can read the “Atom” story full-size!  Ironic, no?  Yes?


Detective Comics #47 – DC Comics – $3.99

STK690947 Image

LOCKED UP! In Robin War” part 3, the GCPD cracks down on the Robins, Batman must choose sides-and the mysterious Court of Owls stands behind it all pulling the strings!

“Robin Wars” #1 began this crossover, with “Grayson” #15 as part 2, “Detective Comics” part 3.  “Gotham Academy” #13 and “Red Hood/Arsenal” #7 are also tied in to the overall story.


Harley Quinn HC Vol. 3: Kiss Kiss Bang Stab – DC Comics – $24.99

Harley was certain she could have it all. She could be the world’s best landlord, protect Coney Island from the scum of the Earth, woo Mason Macabre, work her day job as a psychiatrist, volunteer at the puppy shelter…but that’s a lot of spinning plates, and eventually they’re bound to start breaking! What happens when a psychopath cracks up? Is it possible for Harley to go even more insane?! Don’t miss this big helping of Harley from HARLEY QUINN #14-16, ANNUAL #1, VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL #1, and HOLIDAY SPECIAL #1!

The trade paperback for Vol. 2, “Power Outage”, is also out at $16.99!


Back to the Future #3 – IDW – $3.99

STK689534 Image

WEDDING BELLS AND CROSSED TIMELINES! Marty McFly’s parents were destined to marry-whether he went back in time or not-but without his intervention, did the wedding cake taste as sweet? Plus, Doc and Marty weren’t the only pilots the DeLorean ever had. Biff Tannen took a trip, too-and 1955 wasn’t his only destination!

The first issue is also re-released with a second printing this week!


Mickey & Donald Christmas Parade #1 – IDW – $5.99

STK691400 Image

It’s a ho-ho-humongous collection of Disney Yuletide tales! Mickey and Uncle Scrooge battle Pegleg Pete and the Beagle Boys in “The Christmas Caper!” Then Daisy, Donald and Gladstone have a not-so-jolly holiday in “Christmas Clubbing”-and Super Goof returns for spacescape shenanigans in “Interstellar Santa!”

IDW continues the tradition of the Walt Disney Christmas Parade annual collections!  Also out this week, “Mickey Mouse” #7!


The Walking Dead #149 – Image – $2.99

STK691755 Image

The devil on your shoulder.


We Stand on Guard #6 (of 6) – Image – $2.99

STK691758 Image

The smash-hit miniseries reaches its epic FINAL ISSUE with explosive battles and shocking revelations… but how will things end for the Great White North?


Gwenpool Special #1 – Marvel – $5.99

STK691801 Image

•  She-Hulk throws a holiday party and invites the entire Marvel U!
•  Deadpool teams up with both Hawkeyes – Kate and Clint – to…stop a pickpocket?!
•  Ms. Marvel takes on her most dangerous threat yet: the holiday blues!
•  And then there’s the reason for the season(al special): GWENPOOL!
•  Yup, you read that right – Gwen. Pool. C’mon, you know you’re curious.

Click here for a 6-page preview!

Hawkeye HC Vol. 2 – Marvel – $34.99

STK674060 Image

Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Eisner Award-winning reinvention of the arrowed Avenger concludes! Kate Bishop heads to Los Angeles to get away from New York and Clint Barton – but she can’t escape trouble, because Madame Masque is hanging out poolside! As Kate helps a reclusive artist find his lost masterpiece, Madame Masque finds Kate. By which we mean tries to kill her again. Meanwhile, back in New York, Hawkeye is reeling from recent events. And just when Clint’s rock bottom couldn’t arrive fast enough, his brother shows up. After a lifetime of bad decisions, Clint and Barney Barton realize they’ll have to save one another – if they don’t kill each other first. And when Clown and the Tracksuit Draculas lay siege to their building, it doesn’t go well! Read this book, bro! Collecting HAWKEYE (2012) #12-22 and ANNUAL #1.


Scarlet Witch #1 – Marvel – $3.99

STK691231 Image

Witchcraft is broken – and the SCARLET WITCH is on a journey across the globe to fix it. From the back alleys of Manhattan, to the serene Greek Isles, to the bustling streets of Hong Kong, Wanda will have to face down her foes and find out who her true friends are. But as Wanda solves magical crimes and pieces witchcraft back together, the most important question remains: Who is the mastermind that broke it in the first place? Written by Eisner Award winner JAMES ROBINSON, with covers by Eisner Award winner DAVID AJA with the first issue drawn by fan-favorite VANESA DEL REY!

Click here for a 6-page preview!


Secret Wars #8 (of 9) – Marvel – $3.99

STK685613 Image

Chartbusting creators Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic march toward the end of their grand saga as the final battle against God Doom rages on! Battleworld teeters on the brink. The Shield has fallen. Armies march on Doomstadt. As Battleworld gives way to a new Marvel Universe…no one will come out the other side unscathed, if they come out at all. Who lives? Who dies? Find out when the penultimate chapter!

A 3-page preview awaits you – click here!


Star Wars Annual #1 – Marvel – $4.99

STK691235 Image

•  Galactic espionage hits the Empire – hard!
•  Haarkon Dak has been undercover in the Imperial bureaucracy for years…
•  …but now, he’s the only chance to save Rebel sympathetic senators!

This is the 6-page preview you’ve been looking for.

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #16 – Titan – $3.99

STK689702 Image

It’s the 2015 Doctor Who Holiday Special! When a mysterious Christmas card materializes on the TARDIS console, Clara and the Doctor are pulled into an interdimensional adventure of astoundingly festive proportions! Packed with impossible sights and nigh-insurmountable stakes, this special issue also contains puzzles and games woven into the story!


Escape From New York TP Vol. 1 – Boom! – $14.99

STK690320 Image

Snake Plissken is back! Picking up right at the end of the cult classic film, Snake heads south to get away from it all, but trouble follows him to Florida where a militant family leads an attempted secession from the rest of the U.S.! Collects issues #1-4.

Rachel Rising #38 – Abstract Studios – $3.99

STK687541 Image

Rachel and Zoe have teamed up with Lilith to find and catch Malus. They soon discover that finding the elusive demon is one thing, catching him is another. The gloves come off in this new, hair-raising issue of America’s favorite horror comic!

Street Fighter Unlimited #1 – Udon Entertainment – $3.99

STK689859 Image

Street Fighter monthly comics are back! Gearing up for the release of Street Fighter V in 2016, UDON launches an all-new monthly comic book series that will pack in more adrenaline, more battles, and more characters than ever before! A new era for the undisputed king of fighting games begins here!

Click here for a 10-page preview!


We Can Never Go Home TP Vol. 1 – Black Mask – $9.99

STK687887 Image

The story of two teenagers, a mixtape, a stolen car, a fully loaded .45, strange abilities, dead drug dealers, and their money. A dark and modern story about getting lost and finding yourself on the backroads of America. Collecting We Can Never Go Home #1-5.

Dorbz Ridez: 1966 Batmobile Vinyl Figure – Funko – $29.99

STK693329 Image

Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed! To the Batmobile – with this stylized vinyl recreation of the world-famous vehicle, which comes complete with a 3″ tall 1966 Batman Dorbz-styled vinyl figure.

Pop! Saved By the Bell Vinyl Figures – Funko – $10.99 each

STK693335 Image

Class is back in session at Bayside High School with these 3-3/4″ tall stylized vinyl figures of Zack, Kelly, A.C., Lisa, Jessie and Screech.

Pop! Bob’s Burgers Vinyl Figures – Funko – $10.99 each

STK693330 Image

It’ll be just like dining on Ocean Avenue every day when you welcome these 3-3/4″ tall stylized vinyl figures of Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene and Louise into your home.

What will you be getting this week?









Loot Crate – December/15 Theme!

3 Dec

The theme for December’s Loot Crate is…..”GALAXY”!


Tour the stars in style!  Search your feelings (not your closet) because this month’s Level Up apparel is all about cozy couture from Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Jedi, Sith, or a droid on an adventure, you’re going love it (we know).

There’s also going to be an exclusive Star Wars Funko Pop! figure and t-shirt in the Crate, if that hasn’t gotten you whipping out your credit card yet!

Check in to Loot Crate!

Geek Fuel – December 2015 – 12/8/15 Update!

3 Dec

Time to roll out some theme spoilers for December’s Geek Fuel subscription box!

Geek Fuel December 2015 Box Spoiler - Star Wars

Geek Fuel spoiler info

Geek Fuel December 2015 Box Spoiler - The Simpsons

There will likely be one or two more ‘spoilers’ released over the next week or so, so check back to see what else will be added!

UPDATE 12/8/15:  One more update!

Looks like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is getting in the act!

4-Colour Forward: Comics and Collectibles for Wed. Dec. 2/15

30 Nov

Black Friday is over, Cyber Monday is, well, either a memory or will be, depending on when you read this!  So if your credit card hasn’t melted yet, we can help with last rites, as it’s time to see what’s coming to your local comic book shop on Wednesday, December 2/15!  To see the PREVIEWSworld complete list, click here!


Call of Duty: Black Ops III #2 (of 6) – Dark Horse – $3.99

STK690706 Image

Hendricks and Taylor’s mission to take out an enemy operative leads them from Helsinki, Finland, deep into the Arctic Circle . . . and deeper into a deadly conspiracy! The official prequel to the anticipated game Call of Duty®: Black Ops III delivers high-caliber thrills in the war-torn world of the distant future!

A second printing of the first issue is also due out on Wednesday to get you caught up!

Harrow County: Countless Haints TP Vol. 1 – Dark Horse – $14.99

STK685084 Image

Emmy always knew that the woods surrounding her home crawled with ghosts and monsters. But on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she learns that she is connected to these creatures-and to the land itself-in a way she never imagined. Collecting the first four issues of the southern gothic fairy tale from the creator of smash hit The Sixth Gun, beautifully and hauntingly realized by B.P.R.D.’s Tyler Crook!

“Harrow County” has also been opted for a possible TV show, so this might be the time to get ahead of the curve and see the story first-hand!

Batman vs Superman TP – DC Comics – $9.99

STK688748 Image

The two most popular superheroes of all time aren’t always on the same side! This collection captures some of the most incredible and memorable clashes between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight from the pages of BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS #4, BATMAN #612, BATMAN #35-36, SUPERMAN/BATMAN #32 and #78, and JUSTICE LEAGUE #2.

Might have something to do with some movie coming out in a few months…?

Harley’s Little Black Book #1 – DC Comics – $4.99

STK691103 Image

It’s the sensational debut of a bimonthly, overstuffed, oversized team-up series in which Harley meets (and almost certainly annoys) the greatest heroes and villains of the DC Universe! First up? The incredible Wonder Woman! There’s a plot to assassinate Wondy, and Harley is convinced that only she could possibly stop it! (Hey, you want to tell her about all the other options? We tried.)

Robin War #1 (of 2) – DC Comics – $4.99

STK691020 Image

In part 1 of this new epic, it’s Robins vs. cops! Robins vs. Robins! Robins vs. Batman! And Robins vs. the Court of Owls?!  Damian Wayne returns to Gotham City, and he is not happy. There are kids all over the city calling themselves Robin, Bruce Wayne is no longer Batman and the GCPD, led by the new, armored-up Batman, is cracking down on anybody wearing the “R.” And things only get worse when Red Hood, Red Robin and Grayson all come back to Gotham City…

Written by Tom King with art by Khary Randolph.  And speaking of books written by Mr. King…

The Sheriff of Babylon #1 (of 8) – DC Comics – $3.99

STK691176 Image

Baghdad, 2003. Florida Police officer-turned-military contractor, Chris Henry is tasked with training a new Iraqi police force. When one of his trainees ends up dead, Chris is forced to team up with Nassir, the last remaining cop in Baghdad. Pulling the strings to bring them together is the mysterious Sofia, an American-educated Iraqi who has returned to take control of the city’s criminal underworld. This miniseries is a thrilling wartime crime drama told amid one of the most tumultuous times in modern history.

THE SHERIFF OF BABYLON is a new eight-issue miniseries pulled from GRAYSON co-writer Tom King’s real-life experience as a CIA operations officer and is illustrated by Mitch Gerads, co-creator of The Activity.

Mr. King also writes “Omega Men”!  Show him your support and pick up this new mini-series!

Rat Queens Deluxe HC Vol. 1 – Image – $39.99

STK684078 Image

Collects RAT QUEENS #1-10 plus the never-before reprinted RAT QUEENS SPECIAL: BRAGA #1 plus extras all in an over-sized hardcover with a SILVER-FOIL stamped cover! A collector’s dream package just in time for Christmas!

Walking Dead Omnibus HC Vol. 6 – Image – $100

STK686890 Image

This deluxe hardcover features 24 issues of the hit series, THE WALKING DEAD, along with the covers for the issues all in one massive, oversized slip-cased volume.

Collects THE WALKING DEAD #121-144.

There’s also a signed and numbered edition for $150!

All-New X-Men #1 – Marvel – $3.99

STK688367 Image

Hated and feared more than ever, the world is a dangerous place for mutants. As the few remaining X-MEN retreat into seclusion, a handful of mutant teenagers refuse to allow their destiny to be decided for them. CYCLOPS. BEAST. ICEMAN. ANGEL. THE ALL-NEW WOLVERINE. KID APOCALYPSE. OYA. Stepping out of the shadows of their predecessors, the ALL-NEW X-MEN are striking out on their own, determined to write their own futures!

Written by Dennis Hopeless, art and cover by Mark Bagley.

Daredevil #1 – Marvel – $3.99

STK691225 Image

Back in black and on his home turf, Daredevil begins again in New York City as a new enemy emerges. Meanwhile his alter ego, Matt Murdock, is on a new side of the law in the District Attorney’s office. Fighting crime in the shadows, prosecuting bad guys in the light, it’s a whole new chapter for our man without fear-including the arrival of the devil’s advocate. Welcome to Hell, Blindspot.

Written by Charles Soule, art and cover by Ron Garney.

Star Wars #13 – Marvel – $3.99

STK688383 Image

• Bringing together the smash-hit Star Wars and Darth Vader series!
•  Leia comes face to face with true evil!

Part 3 of the 6-part “Vader Down” crossover!

Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse HC Vol. 8: Tomorrow Wars – Fantagraphic Books – $34.99

STK681180 Image

The award winning series continues. A magic cloak sends Mickey and Minnie into a dystopian future of robots and wicked warlords and it is up to Mickey to end this electronic enemy’s reign of terror! In bonus stories, artist Floyd Gottfredson sends Mickey out on a ghost ship and then pits Mickey against creepy chemist Drusilla and her morbid minions! This new eighth volume is also available in a handsome, holiday gift box set with Spring’s Vol. 7: “March of the Zombies”!

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #14 – Titan – $3.99

STK684151 Image

It’s the penultimate chapter of “The Hyperion War,” and things are looking bad for the Doctor and Clara! With the returning Hyperions having laid waste to whole portions of the Earth, the Doctor attempts to regain the initiative by moving the battleground into space, aboard the Hyperion’s orbital armada. But these ancient solar entities are building a superweapon around the sun – and eternal darkness could be the result!

If you’re missing Clara already (something about the crow got her in the TV series), she’s still alive and kicking here!  Well…as alive as a fictional character can be, I guess…


Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #5 (of 5) – Titan – $3.99

STK675400 Image

“Weapons of Past Destruction” concludes! Did we really just read last issue’s staggering cliffhanger? Has one of the Doctor’s beloved companions flipped sides? The final conflict between the Unon and the Lect – will one of them take the Time Lords’ place as the guardians of the universe? One more outing with the ninth Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack! If you want more, you have to let us know!

James Bond #2 – Dynamite – $3.99

STK691145 Image

James Bond is in Berlin, alone, unarmed and with no idea of the forces ranged in secret against him.  If he can make it to the Embassy, he might survive for a few hours more.  But he’s getting into that car with that woman, which means he has only minutes to live…

Pop! National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Vinyl Figures – Funko – $10.99/ea

STK692237 Image

Clark Griswold and his family returned for a third vacation in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation as they celebrated the holiday at home as friends and loved ones descended on their Chicago-area home. Funko adds two of the film’s characters – Chevy Chase’s Clark Griswold and Randy Quaid’s Cousin Eddie – to their fan-favorite POP! Vinyl Figure line with these new 3 3/4″ tall figures that feature stylized, urban designs! Window box packaging.

Pop! Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Dancing Groot Vinyl Figure – Funko – $10.99/ea

STK690476 Image

Groot, the break-out character of last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy, wants to help you ring in the holidays with a new figure in Funko’s POP! Vinyl Figures line! The Holiday Dancing Groot figure depicts the potted Baby Groot decked out like a Christmas tree in the 3 3/4″ tall style that have proven so popular with fans. Add this unique Groot to your collection! Window box packaging.

















4-Colour Forward: Comics and Collectibles for Wed. Nov. 25/15

23 Nov

Welcome back to another award-avoiding look at the new comic books and collectibles coming to your local comic book store Wednesday, November 25/15!  If you want to see the entire list of new goodies coming out, click here!

Previews #327 December 2015 – Diamond Publications – $3.99

STK691854 Image

Available directly from your comic shop, get a look ahead as to what’s coming in the month of February 2016!

Fight Club 2 #7 – Dark Horse Comics – $3.99

STK687076 Image

Chuck Palahniuk and Cameron Stewart continue the story where the movie left off!

Batman: Endgame: Director’s Cut – DC Comics – $5.99

STK688834 Image

Perfect for the budding artist or writer, this presents the “Endgame” finale reprinted with artist Greg Capullo’s pencils and the original script by Scott Snyder!


Dark Knight III: Master Race #1 (of 8) – DC Comics – $5.99

STK688727 Image

This will be THE book to get this week!  Writers Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello, along with artist Andy Kubert and inker Klaus Janson bring you the first part of a new epic!

Flash by Geoff Johns Vol. 1 TP – DC Comics – $24.99

STK686296 Image

If you’re loving “The Flash” on the CW, you’ll love this!  Collecting the beginning of writer Geoff Johns’ unforgettable run, “The Flash” #164-176 and “The Flash: Iron Heights” #1!

Omega Men #6 – DC Comics – $2.99

STK688695 Image

Tom King and Barnaby Bagenda are getting the chance to tell their story the way they wanted to (thank you, Social Media!), so join in and pick up this issue!

Saga #31 – Image Comics – $2.99

STK688908 Image

“Saga” returns from its’ break with a great jumping-on point, as the story jumps ahead to Hazel’s new life…in kindergarten!

Darth Vader #13 – Marvel – $3.99

STK688377 Image

The second of six parts of the “Vader Down” crossover is presented here!  It’s Vader versus the Rebels!

Silk #1 – Marvel – $3.99

STK688286 Image

Silk is back!…and now working with Black Cat?

Archie #4 – Archie Comics – $3.99

STK686665 Image

Artist Fiona Staples may be back doing her “Saga” gig, but the rebooted “Archie” book is in good hands with artist Annie Wu!  Finally, the “lipstick incident” is revealed!

The Pitiful Human Lizard #2 – Chapter House Publishing – $3.99

STK684692 Image

Continuing the reprints of the original self-published issues by creator Jason Loo!  Is that former Toronto mayor Ro…..naaahhh, can’t be!  It says right in the word balloon that it’s “Rabb the Malevolent”!  Still think it’s Rob Ford though…

Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge HC Box Set: Only a Poor Old Man and The Seven Cities of Gold – Fantagraphic Books – $49.99

STK684069 Image

This boxed set collects two of Fantagraphic Books’ Duck albums, “Only a Poor Old Man” and “The Seven Cities of Gold”!  Separately, you’d be looking at around $30 each, so this is a great deal for two fantastic collections of Carl Barks’ works!

Venom: Space Knight – Marvel – $3.99

STK688350 Image

Flash Thompson in space!  An Agent of the Cosmos!

Jessica Jones: Alias TP Vol. 3 – Marvel – $19.99

STK688824 Image

If you’ve just powered down all the episodes of “Marvel: Jessica Jones” on Netflix, check out the source material!  Here’s the third volume which collects “Alias” #10 and #16-21!

Star Wars: The Original Topps Trading Card Series Vol. 1 HC – Abrams Comicarts – $24.95

STK678026 Image

Take a look back at the original run of Topps’ “Star Wars” trading cards issued in 1977!  All five classic trading card series are being reprinted in book form in a deluxe volume of 516 pages.

The Legend of Zelda: Link on the Crimson Loftwing Statue – First 4 Figures – $489.00

STK672550 Image

Do you know what you want for Christmas now?  I do!  The entire piece measures 26″ by 22″ by 25″, making it the perfect center piece to any collection and an absolute must-have for any Zelda collectors. It’s sculpted from polystone resin, with all of the finer details finished and painted by hand, resulting in a truly stunning, individual product.

Pop! Walking Dead Vinyl Figures – Funko – $10.99/ea

Season 6 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” gets represented with these new Pop!’s of Rick Grimes, Morgan, Abraham and Michonne!


With Christmas around the corner there’s certainly lots of goodies here that could find their way under your tree!  So what will you be getting this week?